Getting Started with DTrace

Last update: Mar 28, 2007

1. Getting Started

2. DTracing Ruby


3. DTrace on Linux?

Theres a good article on dtrace and SystemTap and the Linux traceing toolkit here: DTrace for linux gets a mention.

This is DTrace for Linux: no kernel source is needed (except compilation headers). No patches are made to the kernel source. Its a drop in driver. Once the driver is loaded, you can run dtrace. I am not even asking Linus or any other kernel maintainer to ‘please add dtrace’ to the kernel. I dont care - - thats just me ! Maybe, one day, when I have documented ‘proc’, and ‘fcterm’, and decided I want to enjoy the politics of kernel maintenance, I might ask.


4. The Best DTrace Blogs

5. The Bible

6. DTrace Tools

7. Tracing The Entire Stack

8. What About Linux?

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